Sunday Great Food Trip

On Sunday morning, you may start your trip at Melbourne CBD around 9am.

Camberwell (2.5hr)
Take train to Camberwell Railway Station, take a snap at Sunday Market and find the deals. The town Camberwell is a affluent suburb and you may find some interesting shops on the main street. The renowned Italian restaurant, Sofia, offers budget yet great food suitable for group.

Melbourne University (1hr)
Take the train to Flinders Street Station and catch the tram to Melbourne University, have a nice walk around the campus.

Little Italy (1hr)
5-minute walk from the campus, the ‘Little Italy’ on Lygon Street will serve you a good afternoon tea.

Lygon Street (1.5hr)
Walk toward south to the city center you’ll find Old Melbourne Gaol.

St Kilda
In the late afternoon, take traim to St Kilda. Take a look at Luna Park, enjoy magical sunset on St Kilda Beach, and don’t forget to visit the little penguins atthe pier.

Many dining options here, while you may want to try something different at Lentil As Anything, followed by dessert at the bakeries on Acland St, or grab some drinks in pubs.

Duration: 1 Day

Transportation: Public transportation

Budget: AUD30+

Sunday Great Food Trip

Sunday Great Food Trip

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