Mt Dandenong Tranquility

Take a relax tour to Dandangong Range’s major attractions, have a tasty and visual tranquility, and walk across the natural beauty

1. Puffing Billy (1hr)
Refer to the train time table, arrive at the platform half an hour before the departure, you’ll have plenty of time for photography at the platform or even in the train. You’ll also find how a steam train is prepared for run. When the train is departing, feel the temperature and listen to the whistle. Don’t forget to visit the souvenir shop or even take a short ride if possible (extra 1.5hr).

2. Grants on Sherbrook (1.5hr)
Feed a bird at the official feeding area and take the best and most natural photos. You could also have a prepared sandwich at the picnic area, or simply grab one from the cafe. Followed by an 30-minute easy walk on the beautiful trail.

3. Olinda (1hr)
Lovely town with souvenir shops, and awarded Pie In The Sky for your appetite.

4. National Rhododendron Gardens (1hr)
Visit the recommended spots in the garden according to different season.

5. Olinda Fall (30min)
Short walk to the fall for your exercise and relax.

6. SkyHigh (1hr)
Plenty of attractions you may take a visit, or relax at the cafe before enjoying the magical sunset.

Time: 1 Day, 9am – Sunset

How to Get There: By car

Budget: AUD20 ~ AUD60

Mt Dandenong Trip

Mt Dandenong Trip

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